Our Mission

Our mission is to be the primary care
provider of choice in our community
and to be a positive impact on the health
and well being of those we serve.

We are honored that you inquired about
Carolina Family Care. Dr. Gelot and the
entire Carolina Family Care staff are looking
forward to providing quality health care and
superior service to you and all of your loved ones.

Cornerstone Wellness Program
The Metabolic Analyzer

Your Cornerstone Wellness
Program starts with a precise
diagnosis of your metabolic
requirements and body
composition (lean body mass
versus body fat) to determine
your basal metabolic rate, or
the calories your body burns
when completely at rest...

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At Carolina Family Care, P.A. we provide a wide variety of healthcare services from preventative
medicines such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to those that diagnose and treat illnesses. Where appropriate, Dr. Gelot will assist you with any referrals to specialists.